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Organic White Tea (50g) Shoumei (2017) The Wild Spirit


Cultivar: Caicha, original cultivar
Place of Origin: Fujian province, China
Altitude: Around 600 – 800

Suitable Season for Drinking: Summer

Suitable for: People, who feel easily hot, have sedentary lifestyle, high blood sugar and lipids, obesity problem, digestion problems, problem with memory or concentration during work, skin problems, very suitable for people with diabetes etc.

Isn’t Suitable for: People with weak stomach or people who feel easily cold

Caffeine level: Medium

Suitable for people with skin problems, diabetes or high blood sugar.


The Wild Spirit

Shoumei (literally “Long-aged Eyebrows”) uses one bud and three or four leaves for its processing. Shoumeis leaves are gray-green in color with a tinge of brown or yellow, with a strong fruity fragrance. The infusion is mostly quite dark, especially when being “brewed” in a pot, so it can be easily mistaken with black or oolong tea. It is very suitable for brewing, which can bring out all of its rich taste. Don´t get confused or scared by the wild looks of the leaves!

White tea processing method is the shortest out of the six tea kinds, hence it preserves most of the tea polyphenols, theanine, caffeine etc. from the original fresh tea leaves. In traditional Chinese medicine white tea was used for cooling the body, lowering inner fire, detoxification etc.

White tea is exceptional for protecting our oral hygiene, protecting our skin from radiation, degenerative oxidation and hence ageing. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and can inhibit the activity of cancer cells. Moreover the aminoacids, protein, aromatic oils and minerals contained in white tea are also beneficial for skin nutrition.

White tea can help balancing the environment of our digestive system especially of our intestines, making us more resilient against digestive problems such as diarrhea and helping our body with detoxification. White tea is also special for its anti-septic properties, white tea leaves had been traditionally often applied on wounds to make them heal faster.

White tea contains around 14.2-21.4 times more flavonoids than other tea types, making its anti-oxidation anti-ageing properties very strong. White tea is being studied especially in connection with skin and nervous cells and its extracts are being used as ingredients for cosmetic products.

White tea is also quite powerful in blood cholesterol lowering, it can harmonize insulin level in our bodies, helping to balance blood sugar level. White tea contains a high level of tea polysaccharides which have the effect of stabilizing digestion, inhibiting activity of certain enzymes, being beneficial for people with diabetes.

Many of the beneficial properties of white tea, especially its blood sugar lowering and anti-septic properties strenghten with the storage age of white tea.


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