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Organic Oolong Tea (50G) Changbi Yuan (2018) The Last Gibbon


Altitude: 2300 m

Place of Origin: Tengchong, Yunnan province, China

Suitable Season for Drinking: Spring or Autumn

Suitable for: People, who feel easily cold, have sedentary lifestyle, high blood sugar and lipids, obesity problem, skin problem etc.

Caffeine Level: Medium

Suitable for people who wish to lose weight, lower blood lipid and sugar levels, or those in need of mineral replenishing.



This tea comes from a very remote area on the Chinese-Burma border. The forest around the tea gardens (in 2500 m altitude), which is also a natural reserve area, is home to many rare species, including our gibbon (Hylobatidae), there are only 150 of them left in the whole area. The production of tea is therefore strictly organic. Interesting is also volcanic history of this place, which makes the soil rich in certain minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The liquor of The Last Gibbon is yellow-green with strong flower fragrance and fresh full taste with long-lasting sweet after-taste. Recommend for people who light delicate sweet taste and fragrance.


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