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Organic Ancient Wild Forest Agar Wood Tree Tea (25g) Chenxiang (2018) Liquid Prayer


Age of tree: Around 100 years

Cultivar: Agar Wood Wild Tree

Altitude: Around 800 m

Place of origin: Nantou province, Taiwan

Suitable for: People, who have sedentary lifestyle, high blood sugar, obesity problem,people sensitive towards caffeine etc.

Isn’t Suitable for: People with low blood pressure or low blood sugar

Caffeine Level: None

Please avoid every day consumption



Liquid Prayer

Agar tree was traditionally used for making incense a traditional religious instrument in a big part of Asia. Yet little is known about its leaves, which were also consumed traditionally and were found to have many health benefits and distinctive woody taste. Tasting its quirky liquor will be surely an unforgettable experience!

Our agar wood tea comes from mountainous Taiwan, growing in a wild forest of Nantou region.

Since the leaves are not from a tea tree, agar wood tree tea is caffeine free, therefore can be a suitable drink for people who are sensitive toward caffeine. HOWEVER unlike many websites I feel obliged to emphasize that agar wood leaves were never been systematically studied, in a scale comparable to camellia sinensis tea, therefore we still don´t understand fully what influence this tea has on our bodies. The evidence until now is very positive though. Agar wood tea was found to be good for detoxification, blood sugar lowering etc. Yet from above reasons we don´t recommend to consume this tea every day.


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