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Organic Ancient Tea Tree Black Tea (50g) Gushu Hongcha (2018) Beauty in Patience


Age of Tea Tree: Above 100 years
Altitude: 1700-2400 m

Place of Origin: Jiu Jia,Yunnan, China

Suitable Season for Drinking: Winter

Suitable for: People who feel easily cold, have sedentary lifestyle, high blood sugar and lipids, obesity problem etc.

Isn’t Suitable for: People with low blood pressure or blood sugar

Caffeine Level: Medium

Unlike regular black tea, this tea can be infused more than 10 times.


Beauty in Patience

Jiu Jia, a remote region in Yunnan province ruled by one of the Chinese official minorities Yi and also the origin of the 2 700 years old Ancient Tea Tree King is a remarkably beautiful place, full of old trees, high elevated little cute villages and heart-warmingly friendly people. This region also partially belongs to the Ailaoshan Mountains, famous as a sweet-natured puerh tea production area.

This Ancient Tea Tree Black Tea is being processed by traditional method, which is different from Dianhong black teas typical for Yunnan. The sweetness of black tea is carefully hidden under the strong and slightly bitter nature of old tea tree leaves, and hence you need several infusions and patient attention in order to receive a very unique and satisfying reward.