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Do’s & Don’ts of Tea Drinking

Do keep your tea in dry, odorless environment. Avoid direct sunshine
and direct contact with air.
Do read the manual of recommended steeping of each tea type, especially concerning water temperature!
Do share your tea with your friends! It adds to the experience and it is
also the most important part of tea culture

Do drink tea as often as possible, because it has many positive effects on
your health.


Don’t: Drink too much! Ideal average daily amount of tea
is 6-15g per person.

Don’t drink one tea all day! After steeping your tea for too long, some
dangerous content might get into the infusion!
Don’t drink tea on empty stomach! Especially strong teas! During a long
tea session, never forget to have some snack in between!
Don’t drink tea immediately before and after a meal (if possible) and
most importantly don’t use your medicine with tea! It can influence the
absorption of certain content.
Don’t drink too hot tea (if possible). Its not good for your throat.
Don’t drink too strong tea, try to keep the right balance between water
and tea