Austo tolit cetero ea eam, at atqui soleat moderatiu usu, vis ut illud putent corumpi. At wisi euripidi duo, vim vide omnies reformida. Populis inimi noluise mea.

I am currently finishing my Masters degree from Tea science in Chinese Zhejiang university, focusing on tea biochemistry and effects of tea on our health. Many positive effects tea can have on our body when consumed regularly are being obscured in today’s coffee dominated society, yet I believe that tea even though not necessarily superior to coffee, can have many advantages over this popular beverage.

Although tea blended with fruits or flowers can result in stronger flavor and also some interesting combination of different antioxidant compounds, I focus mainly on traditional tea kinds just as the Chinese people are used to consume, with much more subtle, characteristic and natural taste. For me each tea is a personality and I want to introduce it to you in its original and unadorned yet the more beautiful way.

Many of my teas come from old tea trees. Tea, originating most probably from China, is a tree that has been gradually cultivated into bushes, hence it exists in form of trees only in limited amounts and its plucking is connected to many difficulties. Ancient tree tea stands out by its rich content and certain “wild” feeling, which enables you to keep in touch with nature even during dull moments in your office.

Drinking tea without understanding at least the notion of its cultural background is like being an innocent child reading Kamasutra. Having sinology background and having spent several years in China I want to combine my understanding of China and Tea culture to spread the whole philosophy of this complex plant so that you can upgrade your experience of tea as well as many other seemingly ordinary day to day experiences.

”I have built my house between the people, but no clapping of horses bothers me.
You ask me how? You are where your heart goes.”

Tao Yuanming, Yin Jiu

“Inside the tile house, behind the paper window, the outside dust is shielded. Occasionally, a bit of tea is sipped, and the bitter taste stays between the tip of the tongue and the teeth. It faintly reveals a faint fragrance. The troubles of life, the hardships of survival... are all forgotten. In the faint tea taste, life gradually rises up to a simple, crystal-clear, faint, pure soul in the mud of the heart with a self-deprecating sense of humor.”

Zhou Zuoren, He Cha

“For every dollar and every minute we invest in improving artificial intelligence, it would be wise to invest a dollar and a minute in advancing human consciousness.” Slow your steps and learn to feel yourself again!

Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Give Your Gut Bacteria a New Treat!

Let's dive into our broad selection of teas

Tea health benefits

Due to its antioxidative effect drinking tea regularly lowers risk of cancer.


With each season in the year there are many changing factors influencing us and our body and consequently also our mood and psyche. Tea is a perfect tool not only for balancing our body types towards more healthy state but also for balancing influences of our outer environment.

Jingdezhen: Destiny Encounters
and New Baby Home

As I was more and more realizing that tea culture and pottery are to be understood as one entity going hand in hand similarly as low education and racism, I felt the urge to discover more about this side of the tea coin.
In comparison to coffee, tea (except for some tea with extreme polyphenols and caffeine content) poses only little pressure on our cardio-vascular system. The effect of caffeine is regulated by certain amino acids contained in tea leaves!

Green Tea

Yellow Tea

Antient Tree Tea

Dark Tea

Oolong Tea



White Tea

Unexpected tea experience

I have tasted Alice's Jiujia Dianhong black tea. Already after infusing the leaves I was really surprised by its pleasant fragrance. Although I regularly consume tea from different shops, not only the typical tea bags from supermarkets, its taste was still totally unexpected and I started to look forward for the next sip. The taste was really mellow, full and lightly sweet, without any unwanted bitterness.



"As a tour guide I am very grateful for Alice’s high quality teas that help keep my voice healthy. I appreciate her knowldege and passion for teas while figuring out what is best for me."

Kim Schwartz

Interesting tea, interesting change

I have tasted Jiujia Gushu Hongcha (Ancient Tree Black Tea from Jiujia) and it surprised me with its changing and long-lasting taste. I never knew what to expect from the next infusion. I also appreciate its slightly bitter tones which was gradually changing into very natural sweetness with each brew. It was an interesting alternative for coffee, which I habitually prefer.

Rainer Klein

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